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Lupus, Diabetes, Spine..

It’s Saturday August 28th. My “sick-anniversary” is September 20th and this is always a really weird time of the year for me. I avoid most the memories on my phone because the thought of my old life still makes me sick. I can still put myself right back into my life in 2018. And to… Continue reading Lupus, Diabetes, Spine..

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Diagnosed Pt. 2

We spent 5 weeks at the Mayo Clinic. We were blessed to be able to stay with family because we went over the course of the entire summer (2020). We started with rheumatology where they ran another whole blood panel for autoimmune diseases and other disorders. In the meantime of those results, she sent me… Continue reading Diagnosed Pt. 2

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Have you ever been shot or stabbed before?

... maybe a car accident?” The team of doctors are staring at my mom and I. I got a confused look and we both said no at the same time. Then they began to explain to us that my diaphragm was permanently paralyzed and I would need to be on the use of oxygen indefinitely.… Continue reading Have you ever been shot or stabbed before?